Trump flexes military muscle amid growing global tensions

Israeli PM Netanyahu ‘fully supports’ US strike on Syria

The Great Japan Potato-Chip Crisis: Panic Buying, $12 Bags

Verizon welcomes customers to ‘Palestine’ after landing at Israeli airport

Trump: The New Face Of Crony Capitalism?

State Bill Takes Aim at North Carolina’s ‘stand your ground’ Laws

Man Who Shouted “Allah Akbar” After Murdering Three ‘Hated White People’

Veterans Affairs chief vows to clean up DC facility after scathing report

Live: Islamic Law Spreads in West – But Populism Rises to Resist

First daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump faced a rocky reception Tuesday while defending her father’s advocacy for women at an event in Germany. During her first official trip abroad in her White House role, she drew groans from the audience when she touted her father’s record after making a plug for paid leave policies. …

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“On April 26, we’ll go one step further and stage a very realistic emergency event involving multiple sites and actors posing as the casualties.” Original link

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North Korea could destroy the world with just “three or four” thermonuclear bombs, according to a “special representative” of the North Korean government. Original link

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Arizona ranchers John Ladd and Fred Davis invited House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to see the southern border from their property, but she never responded. But they responded this morning to Pelosi’s recent claim that the border wall is “immoral, expensive, unwise.” Appearing on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Ladd said border crossings by illegal …

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Serena Williams has not yet given birth. However, her unborn child has already become a topic of controversy. Original link

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Alex Jones makes a statement and clarification regarding the recent lawsuit by the United States largest yogurt maker Chobani. Original link

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A recent outbreak of measles is the latest public health problem among Somalis who live in metropolitan Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota, home to the largest Somali community in the country. Original link

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They couldn’t attribute quotes to individual sources in the room. Original link

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